Conferencia Pública de Mónica Salmón Gómez y Laneydi Martínez Alfonso

President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship Public Lectures By PNK Fellows 2015-2016

Transnational Advocacy Networks for Migrants in Transit through Mexico

Mónica Salmón Gómez
Transmission of Economic Shocks in Latin America and the Caribbean

Laneydi Martínez Alfonso
Introduced by:
Mary Watson*
Executive Dean, The New School for Public Engagement
Juan José Gómez Camacho*
Permanent Representative of Mexico to the United Nations
Rodolfo Reyes Rodríguez*
Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations

The New School Observatory on Latin America (OLA) and Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM) are pleased to present the public lectures by Mónica Salmón and Laneydi Martinez, President Néstor Kirchner Fellows for 2015/2016. Both were awarded a Fellowship after demonstrating academic excellence and a commitment to public service.

Transnational Advocacy Networks for Migrants in Transit through Mexico, by Mónica Salmón Gómez
A critique to restrictive migration policies ,their relation to organized crime, and their effect on human rights violations. This work highlights the role of Transnational Advocacy Networks in assisting successful migration policy.
Ms. Salmón Gómez focuses in the promotion human rights and humanitarian assistance to migrants in transit through Mexico. Her professional work spans the civil (NGO FM4 Paso Libre) and public sectors (public policy advocator at local and national levels). She holds an MS in International Relations from ITESO, Universidad de Guadalajara.

Transmission of Economic Shocks in Latin America and the Caribbean, by Laneydi Martínez Alfonso
How do economic shocks spread across countries? This research explores the interactions between the US Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), and traces the patterns of influence and dependency as being reproduced through the international monetary and financial architecture.
Ms. Martinez Alfonso is professor and researcher from the Center for Hemispheric and US Studies at the Havana University. Current PhD student in Economics at Havana University (Cuba) and Sorbonne Nouvelle (France). She has been visiting professor in the US, research fellow in France, and coeditor of an international specialized journal from Argentina.

This Fellowship is inspired by the legacy and achievements of former President Néstor Kirchner during his term as President of Argentina (2003-2007), coupled with his important work as the first Secretary General of UNASUR (2010). It focuses on the training of young leaders in South America, is organized by The Observatory on Latin America (OLA) of The New School, New York, and the Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2015 the PNK Fellowship has been expanded to all Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 · 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Klein Conference Room / The New School
66 West 12th Street, 5th Floor (room 510)
New York, NY
Map of the event The Lecture will be in English.

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