Congratulations to the 2015-2016 PNK Fellowship winners!

The new Fellows are Analía Calero (Argentina); Mónica Salmón Gómez (Brazil),María Magdalena Bas Vilizzio (Uruguay) and Laneydi Martínez Alfonso (Cuba). They will travel to The New School in New York where they will present their work and meet leading academics and public officials in their fields.

Seven honorable mentions were also awarded. Winners were selected among 129 candidates from 19 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, by a prestigious jury composed  by 65 renowned academics from Latin America and the United States.
The sixth edition of the fellowship (2016-2017) was launched at the public announcement at Casa Patria Grande in Buenos Aires.
The event was lead by:  the President of The New School, David E. Van Zandt; UNSAM’s Director, Carlos Ruta; the Fellowship’s Directors, Margarita Gutman (The New School), Marcelo Bufacchi and Christian Asinelli (UNSAM);  the Executive Director of Casa Patria Grande, Pablo Vilas; Legislator and General Director of Centro Internacional de Estudios Políticos (UNSAM), Jorge Taiana;  Ambassador of Argentina to Portugal, Jorge Argüello; Ambassador of Argentina to United States, Cecilia Nahón; and Argentina National Senator,  Juan Manuel Abal Medina.


Fellowship 1
Calero Verónica, Analía (Argentina)
Essay: "Youth people and multidimensional inequality: the case of Argentina 2004-2014 in the Latin American context"

Fellowship 2
Salmón Gómez, Mónica (Mexico)
Essay: "Transnational Advocacy Networks on Migrants in Transit through Mexico Human Rights"

Fellowship 3
Bas Vilizzio, María Magdalena (Uruguay)
Essay: "South America facing bilateral investment treaties: towards a return of the State in dispute settlement?"

Fellowship 4
Martínez Alfonso, Laneydi (Cuba)
Essay: "Latin America and the Caribbean and US in a new international economic context: changes in transmission of economic shocks".

Honorable Mentions:

Cano Julieta, Evangelina (Argentina)
Essay: "Pseudo neutrality legislation, the lack of gender perspective to ensure access to justice and the constitution of women victims of violence as a vulnerable group"

D'Elia, Vanesa Valeria (Argentina)
Essay: "Social welfare programs in Argentina: The impact of pension moratorium and the AUH"

Peña Farias, Ángela Isabel (Cuba)
Essay: "Welfare regime in Cuba: institutional changes in the contemporary Cuban circumstances and reproduction of family poverty".

Lonardoni, Fernanda María (Brasil)
Essay: "Within the limits and opportunities of informal rental housing: Tenants and livelihood in brazilian favelas"

Graviria Serna, Dora Alejandra (Colombia)
Essay: "Places  of  memory  and  human  rights  in  Bogotá"

Mohallem, Michael (Brasil)
Essay: "Donation or investment? Alternatives to corporate funding in electoral campaigns"

Reyes Dias, Fernando Antonio (Honduras)
Essay: "Communication in violence and health in Tegucigalpa: Challenges for urban capitals in countries with undeclared wars"


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