This seminar aims to distinguish and disseminate the meritorious work of local finalists, who participated in the three previous editions of PNK Fellowship. It’s objective is to strengthen the network of political and academic exchanges, by generating an open dialogue on fields of common interest.

Territorios, Medios de Comunicación y Políticas Públicas para la Inclusión
Thursday March 27th, 2014
1853 Sarmiento Street, 5th floor, Buenos Aires · UNSAM

Organized by  Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM)
and Observatorio Latinoamericano (OLA), The New School




Christian Asinelli, Director of PNK Fellowship, UNSAM
Marcelo Buffachi, Director de of PNK Fellowship, UNSAM
Margarita Gutman, Director of PNK Fellowship, OLA, The New School


Panel 1: Territories, regions, cities and environment for inclusive development
Moderator: Germán Linzer, PNK Fellow 2013-2014
María Cecilia Cabrera
“Limits and possibilities for the urban regulation in Buenos Aires: actors, logics and social practices”
Guillermo Cristofani
“The access to the house for the families of low income. Urban recovery by means model of management and intervention public - private”
Nicolás Gutman
“The Conquest of the Far West. How neoliberal policies of the 1990s promote the squandering of natural resources.”
Eugenia Migliori
“Conflict resolution within the Union of South American Nations: factors and determinants”

Table 2: Políticas públicas para un desarrollo con inclusión y justicia social
Moderator: Lucila Rosso, PNK Fellow 2011-2012
Romina Campopiano
“Conectar Igualdad (CI) (Connecting Equality) A Social Inclusion Program through the use Of Netbooks. Argentina”
Erica Carrizo
“Science and technology public policies in Argentina: towards a resignification of Latin American Thought on Science, Technology and Development”

Pamela Morales, Honorable Mention 2013-2014
“Refugees in the globalization: between international protection and national government. An outlook of Argentina as asylum country”
Mariano Nascone
“Social Dimension of MERCOSUR: advances and challenges in the interaction of national and regional agenda about social policies”


Coffee Break


Panel 3: Media and democracy for inclusive development (part 1)
Moderator: Ana Castellani, Secretaria de Relaciones Institucionales, UNSAM
Miranda Cassino, Honorable Mention 2013-2014
“Discrimination in Argentina and current challenges to extend Democracy and Human Rights”
Guido Croxatto
“Answer to Final Disposition. Memory as a new support for democracy. Towards a new human rights paradigm”
Ayeray Medina Bustos
“It is never too late: the positive outcomes of the public trials in Argentina”

P 4: Media and democracy for inclusive development (part 2)
Moderator: Verónica Gómez, Centro Internacional de Asuntos Políticos, UNSAM
Inti Pérez Aznar
“Human rights in Argentina, from the judging of crimes against humanity to the paradigm shift in the expansion of rights and recognition of the other - the regional process -, towards the great challenge, cultural change in human rights”
María Celeste Perosino, Honorable Mention 2011-2012
“Passages: risk, identity, and resistance”
Pablo Ponza
“Political culture and violence in Argentina in the second half of the twentieth century”


Michael Cohen, Director, OLA, The New School