The PNK Fellowship seeks young leaders committed to academia and public service who are interested in furthering their research/work during a two week stay at The New School in New York. Applications will be accepted from March 1st through May 21st, 2017.

The PNK Fellowship is pleased to announce the launch of  this seventh edition, with a call for four fellowships for Latin American and Caribbean young people. Between 2011 and 2017, the fellowship has awarded a total of 20 distinctions to citizens from the region.  

This Fellowship is inspired by the legacy and achievements of former President Néstor Kirchner during his term as President of Argentina (2003-2007), as well as his work as first Secretary General of UNASUR (2010). The PNK Fellowship has a unique and innovative profile in the region, focusing on training and supporting future political leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean who have demonstrated a commitment to academia and public service. The Fellowship, currently in its seventh edition, is organized by the university The New School, New York, through the Observatory on Latin America (OLA), and the Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina.

The four fellows –one from Argentina and three from all Latin American and Caribbean countries – will visit the university The New School in New York City. While at The New School the fellows will discuss their research and work with students and faculty; interview experts in their field, including professors, politicians and social leaders; visit relevant organizations/sites; and present their research at a public lecture.

 “This Fellowship represented to me the opportunity of sharing knowledge and experiences in other social, academic and political context, as well as getting feed back to obtain more clarity about what remains to be done”.
 (Isabella Esquivel Ventura, PNK Fellowship, 2016-2017 Edition)

PNK Fellowship applicants must be citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean; must be either enrolled in graduate studies (Masters or PhD level) or have recently graduated; must have experience in the public sector (governmental organizations, NGOs, or international and regional organizations); and must have a high TOEFL English level or the equivalent. Their research/work must be contextualized in Latin America or the Caribbean, and cover one of the following topics: territories, regions, cities and environment for inclusive development; media and democracy for inclusive development; and public policies for inclusive development and social justice.

Applications will be received from March 1st until May 21st, 2017. The submissions are on-line, and accessed via this link: