PNK Fellowship 2016-2017: Selected Fellows and Honorable Mentions

The new Fellows are Javier Ignacio Pérez Ibáñez (Argentina); Sergio Miranda Hayes (Bolivia), Bianca Moro de Carvalho (Brazil) and Isabella María Esquivel Ventura (México). They will travel to The New School in New York where they will present their work and meet leading academics and public officials in their fields.

Four honorable mentions were also awarded. Winners were selected among 96 candidates from 11 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, by a prestigious jury composed by 50 renowned academics from Latin America and the United States.

The event was lead by: the President of The New School, David E. Van Zandt; UNSAM's Vice director, Daniel Di Gregorio; the Fellowship's Directors, Margarita Gutman (The New School) and Marcelo Bufacchi (UNSAM)The New School Professor, Michael Cohen; Cecilia Nahón, former Ambassador from Argentina to the US and Patricia Vaca Narvaja, former Ambassador of Argentina to México.


Pérez Ibáñez, Javier Ignacio (Argentina)
Essay: "State, Development and Social Actors in the Argentine case".

Miranda Hayes, Sergio (Bolivia)
Essay: "Decolonization in the constitutional system: Indigenous Rights and Legal Pluralism, a comparative study between Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador".

Moro de Carvalho, Bianca (Brazil)
Essay: "Urban Conflicts in Northern Amazon Region: disordered growth of wetlands/ressacas in Macapá".

Esquivel Ventura, Isabella María (México)
Essay: "Public policy analysis to enable women to access a life free from violence in Mexico City: an intervention proposing to work with young men for the prevention of masculine violence".

Honorable Mentions:

Garriga, Martín (Argentina)
Essay: "A Software System to Assisst Human Rights Organizations in Trials for Crimes Against Humanity".

Da Cruz Noia, Paula Regina (Brazil)
Essay: "Social Housing and Participation: The Role of Civil Society in the Built Environment. The Case of Minha Casa Minha Vida - Entidades (MCMV-E) in Brazil".

Arias Arias, Eunice (México)
Essay: "A Commentary on Ines Fernandez Ortega v. United Mexican States: The Use of Military Justice to Investigate Human Right Violations".

Mancheno, María Gabriela (Ecuador)
Essay: "Garbage in the metropolitan district of Quito: from Zambiza to Etnorte, analysis of a social-environmental conflict".